The Pullbox Preview – Spring / Early Summer

  • Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel’s series-changing story arc “Batman: R.I.P.” starts in Batman #676.  They promise this will be big and lasting.
  • You would think after last year’s World War: Hulk run, Marvel might have slowed down the Green Goliath’s publicity machine, nope… not with a major movie coming out this Summer.  Hulk fans have quite a few choices coming in the next few months: Hulk Versus Hercules: When Titans Clash, King-Sized Hulk #1, Giant-Sized Hulk #1.
  • For those readers that are more classically minded (sci-fi that is), Bluewater Production continue it’s adaptations of films from the master special effects man himself with Ray Harryhausen Presents Flying Saucers Vs. The Earth
  • Speaking of movie tie-ins, Marvel isn’t just pimping the Hulk… Iron Man has quite a few books coming out too: Iron Man: Legacy of Doom, Iron Man: Viva Las Vagas (written by Jon Favreau) and a second monthly Iron Man book, Invincible Iron Man.
  • If you have been waiting for more Hong Kong Cavalier action, wait no more! Moonstone is releasing a 2-issue series Buckaroo Bonzai: The Prequel
  • The big DC event that is coming up is Final Crisis, along with four mini-series, a Final Crisis Sketch book and it all starts in a 50 cent issue DC Universe: Zero.
  • IDW continues their interpretive genius with an adaptation of Mack Bolan’s The Executioner in The Executioner: The Devil’s Tools.
  • Boom! Studios is reviving an old game classic from the 80’s and 90’s with Blood Bowl: Killer Contract.  Blood Bowl was the original fantasy football league… with dwarves, elves and ogres.
  • Marvel 1985, written by Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards will take a different twist on Secret Wars and what happens when the Marvel Universe and our world collide.
  • DC/Wildstorm: DreamWar will see the heroes of the DCU and Wildstorm Universe collide as they try to save both universes in this 6-part series (this is not related to Final Crisis)
  • Dynamite brings even more Ash goodness with Army of Darkness / Xena: Why Not?
  • Marvel is trying to bring back some of their espionage fans with Captain Britain & MI:13, which is directly to the Secret Invasion.
  • DC is bringing forth two new Batman projects.  Batman: Death Mask, an original Batman tale in manga style, prestige format.  And Batman: Gotham After Midnight, a more horroresque Scarecrow story written by the man himself, Steve Niles .
  • The soon-to-be-classic dark future horror / sci-fi tale Pogrom is out from Devil’s Due
  • The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs is a 4-issue series from Wildstorm that will be connecting the original Lost Boys movie with the sequel The Lost Boys: The Tribe.
  • Mummy fans will get an eyeful with IDW‘s The Mummy: The Rise and Fall of Xango’s Ax, this could be the beginning of a whole run of Mummy-related comics from IDW.
  • NewUniversal fans will be excited (I am!) that Warren Ellis and Steve Kurth return to write a 6-part limited series NewUniversal: Shockfront
  • A less-publicized project coming up from DC is The War that Time Forgot, placing many of DC’s “soldier” characters from many different times together on a dinosaur  riddled “land-o-the-Lost”-ish island by an unseen force.
  • Legion Studios will blowing away all the horror fans out there with Wizard exclusive book Fallen Daughters, watch for that at Wizard World Chicago… it should rock!
Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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