Teen Titans: Year One #3

Teen Titans #3 ( DC / Wolfram / Kerschl / LaPointe / Peru)

The newly formed Teen Titans must face off against the possessed Justice League of America to the death! And in this battle, there are no winners.

The write-up from DC isn’t exactly accurate. There are winners, and in this case it’s the Teen Titans. Because let’s face it, if the Titans lost the book would be a whole lot shorter. I digress: I was happy that writer Amy Wolfram did not play the Starro card when dealing with possessed DC heroes, as such often is the case. Instead she brought in the Antithesis, an interdimensional being that posses multiple hosts. The Titans use team work to throw their JLA mentors off balance and best them. But it’s a shallow victory for some when they realize that while Batman was possessed, he’s still a crab-ass towards Robin. Which if you read All Star Batman & Robin, seems to be the way DC is treating the Batman / Dick Grayson-Robin relationship.

This is a very solid book for new fans of the Teen Titans. A perfect starting point for someone new to the Titans mythos, or someone new to comics in general. This would also be a great pick-up for you struggling student readers and kids new to comics. From an older and experienced comic reader’s point of view, this book just isn’t quite meaty enough. It’s a fun book, but one that could be just as easily enjoyed with the trade paperback comes out.

Grade: B

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Updated: March 10, 2008 — 1:21 pm

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