Marvel Comics Presents #7

Marvel Comics Presents #7 – (Marvel – various)

What is VANGUARD—and why does Blade want to kill DETECTIVE STACY DOLAN? Meanwhile, NAMOR confronts the ghosts of his past—and vice versa! All that, plus the conclusion of the SAVAGE LAND epic, and U.S. Agent delves deeper into the secrets of WEAPON OMEGA.

Once again, month after month, it seems like the Vanguard story and Weapon Alpha story are great and the other two are just sort of filler to have four stories per book. Those two plot-lines and the creative teams attached seriously could stand alone in books of their own.

Now, I am a fan of Christos Gage, but the Savage Land story felt long, even though it was only three issues. The Namor one-shot, while a beautiful piece to look at, did nothing for Namor or for a Namor fan… literally, it had Namor take on a sea beastie while he did some self-analysis that will have no impact on any present Marvel book. An anthology book like this could have so much impact in the MU, especially with the Secret Invasion coming. Marvel could have some 6 page story about this character or that scenario, and we would love it rather than thinking it was simply something to put on the pages. MCP could be what DC is trying to do (and failing with) in Countdown.

Issue Grade: C-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:11 pm

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