Kincaid #1 & #2

Kincaid #1 & #2 (Broken Soul Press – LaClaustra /Lawson / Sancho)

This is the story of Elvis Kincaid, a heroin addicted punk rock musician who finds himself thrown into a world of political intrigue, global conspiracy and super powered humans. After discovering his own regenerative abilities and power to control sound, Elvis finds himself being hunted down by the mysterious League of Nine Angels. As the situation becomes increasingly heavy, Elvis has to cope with his new found powers, his mental addiction, and the stress of protecting his fetish model girlfriend. An original and riveting story line, intriguing characters and incredible art make Kincaid a title you don’t want to miss. Published quarterly.

Kincaid is one part Heroes, one-part X-files and one-part SLC Punk. Our main character is Elvis, perhaps a protagonist most readers may not initially be cheering for. He’s a punk-rock musician who has had a rough and tumble childhood. It would seem on top of a bad situation, Elvis is prone to making bad “life choices”, he opens up issue one stealing drugs for personal use (actually to try to win favors from his ex-girlfriend) from a local gang… his day kind of goes downhill from there.   Besides getting the crud kicked out of him and almost killed… he finds that he has gained superpowers that start causing havok in his life.  While he is trying to piece together what has happened, he finds himself the prey of a clan destine cult known as the League of Nine Angels.

The story really did surprise me with how good it was.  After the initial shock of some of the content, it really sucked me in.  Great character development and having a secondary story (the antagonistic League) that parallels Elvis were the high points of this true independent book.

Even though overall the art is still a work in progress, there were several scenes that impressed me with the amount of detail and specifics given, giving background to the characters through a secondary method.   Issue #2 also gave a mini-story providing the back ground on one of the baddies.  With Kincaid, Broken Soul Press shows off that they have pretty good potential.  Pullbox Warning:  Just like the cover says for mature audiences only primarily due to drug use, nudity, and language.

Series grade: B

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Updated: March 10, 2008 — 11:40 am

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