Justice League Unlimited #43

Justice League Unlimited #43 (DC – Giffen / Jones / Davis)

An untold tale of the Justice League by 52’s Keith Giffen! Meet the early Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, who want to join the League — because that’s where the big money is! They have much to learn…

So the other day, one of my daughters starts asking me about Booster Gold.  I though it was odd, but maybe they had seen my copies of Geoff Johns’ series hanging around… so we did Booster Gold 101, and then they started pressing me about Blue Beetle… some more detailed questions and I knew something was up.  I got my daughter subscriptions to some DC childrens’ comics for Christmas and this month’s JLU was a “Blue and Gold” issue.

Right away I was able to recognize the fun artwork of Chris Jones on the cover and the interior.  Jones (The Batman Strikes!) does a  fantastic job of having a balance of cartoony art and yet still detailed and attractive.  I gave JLU a read and was impressed by how true to the characters this issue was… then I looked, duh, written by Keith Giffen.  Not only is he the Statler and Waldorf of DC comics wrapped up in one person, but he is a true living legacy in the comic field.  Sort of an amalgamation of Clint Eastwood and Walter Matthau… except from the land of geek.

Anyways, Great issue… good background for parents / kids trying to get a grip on the JLA roster.

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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