Booster Gold #7

Booster Gold #7 (DC – Johns / Katz / Jurgens / Rapmund)

“Blue and Gold” Part 2! It’s back to the present for Booster Gold! But history has changed, and not for the better. The new man in charge is Maxwell Lord, and his army of O.M.A.C.s won’t stop until Booster is dead. Plus, the return of Supernova!

This issue was the first time in this series that as I was reading I got the same feeling I did when I watched a “Quantum Leap” chain reaction, which is to say in my mind I said “I got it, I know where this is going, he alters somethings, he messes up time, then he fixes it… done in under sixty minutes”. The issue had a very comfortable and familiar feel to it. Starting off, there was some pretty stilted interactions between Rip Hunter, Rose Levin, Daniel Carter and Skeets as they try to hunt down Booster and Beetle. We last saw Daniel Carter as he just escaped being quantum worm food in 52.

Meanwhile, Booster and Beetle are trying to survive in a changed present where Maxwell Lord did not die, in fact he has thrived… the OMAC force has grown and Superman is still under his control. Like I said before, this sequence was a tad bit predictable… outside of the specifics of a Justice League Europe send-up and KO combo from Green Arrow and Hawkman, you knew what was coming. But it’s ok if the majority of this issue felt familiar because at the end we have a huge reveal… who has been behind all of Booster’s trouble? The Time-Stealers! This looks like it will be getting very good! If only Countdown was this good.

Issue grade: B

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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