Blue Beetle #24

Blue Beetle #24 (DC – Rogers / Albuquerque)

Lost in space! The Reach brings its Scarab home — and Jaime Reyes is about to die far from his, while knowing that his family and allies will be next. His salvation lies deep within the Blue Beetle legacy; it’ll take a hero’s efforts to find it. Don’t miss the shocking ending to this issue!

I’m not quite sure it was that much of a shocker or cliff-hanger but it did make me want me to check out ish #25. Even though the creative team has changed hands a few times, Blue Beetle is still the essential teen hero book. Very much what Spider-man started out as, a late teen who has super-powers and with them responsibilities that are well above what normal teenagers should have to deal with. Take poor Jaime for instance, he has to deal with a cosmic legacy and defend his family and friends from alien invaders… a little bit different from babysitting and homework… but then again Jaime has to do deal with that too! Throw in there field trips with the Justice League, dating a magic-using hottie (Traci 13) and a writer who can balance action and comedy and you have one rocking book!

issue grade: B+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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