The Invincible Iron Man debuts in May! (just in time for the movie)

On May 2nd, fans around the world will experience the summer’s most anticipated film of the year—Iron Man—but that’s not the only big news for fans of the armored avenger as THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN debuts! This brand-new ongoing series, set in current Marvel continuity, comes from the critically acclaimed superstar duo of writer Matt Fraction (Immortal Iron Fist) and Salvador Larroca (Amazing Spider-Man), who take Iron Man into bold new territory—and against an enemy with a personal grudge! Once the dust clears, Iron Man—and the Marvel Universe—won’t be the same!“This is the perfect jumping on point for fans new and old,” said David Gabriel, Senior Vice-President of Sales & Circulation. “Every time a new Marvel film debuts, fans and retailers have clamored for a brand new #1 and we’re doing it in style with Invincible Iron Man #1. Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca are working on some very special, Earth-shattering stories that’ll put this series at the top of your reading lists!”

To celebrate this red-hot series launch, Marvel.Com is celebrating Invincible Iron Man Week, beginning at Tune in each day as a new aspect of Invincible Iron Man is explored, including the first interviews with Matt Fraction and series editor Warren Simons, plus the first look at a variant by Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada!

Suit up, arm those repulsor rays and click over to Marvel.Com every day this week for more on the all-new Invincible Iron Man, starting at

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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