The Fossibles

The Fossibles

Who are the Fossibles? –We are an adventurous dinosaur team, raised by humans and possessing super powers, that navigate through the past, present, and into the future to fight off evil and prevent disasters. Forget all you ‘ve ever learned about dinosaurs. Contrary to conventional wisdom, dinosaurs are not extinct! We’re proof of that! We are five super-powered dinosaurs who were previously known only to our human parents who live in Arizona and raised us as their own kids. They kept our existence a big secret. That is until the day a dramatic discovery exposed us to the entire world. Now, based out of the Bone Zone where we live, nothing stops us. As a formidable team of cool, ultra-hip dinosaurs, each with our own distinctive, often quirky, personality, we help fight evil and prevent disasters. We use these cool, secret, hi-tech gadgets and travel under the watchful eye of an ancient dinosaur spirit known only to us. Oh sure, we continuously confound scientists, especially Dr. Roy. They can’t believe we’re real. Neither can all the people, grown-ups and kids, whose imagination we’ve captivated. Now, we travel throughout the world as the biggest and best celebrity super heroes.

The Fossibles written by Heather Rancourt and Claudia Gauches is a fantastic children’s adventure. Hopefully without offending the authors, I can compare it to a very well-written and story-rich Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle adventure.  The super-powered dino-protagonists deal with making right choices, friendships, family-bonds and taking care of the bad guys.  It was filled with sci-fi adventure and excitement without having any red flags, even for the most conservative of parents.  This was a enjoyable book for my daughters, who are all avid-readers.  The twelve year old Pullbox daughter said,”It was much better than I thought it would be, I would recommend it as a great book for the age category” and my ten year old said she really enjoyed it and cannot wait for book #2.  As a father and science fiction geek, neither can I.

The book was written with 7-12 year olds in mind and in my opinion would make an incredible gift.  Great for them to read on their own or as a read-aloud chapter book.  Check out the Fossible site for ordering and other information.

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