Salvation Run #4

Salvation Run #4 (of 7) (DC – Sturges / Chen / Wong)

Grodd’s on the rampage! Villains will die as alliances form on the planet of deadly exile!

Still one of the only, if not the only, Countdown related spin-off series worth it’s cover price. The two camps have been divided and set against one another. We watch as Lex plots and plans while Joker, characteristically, sets himself up with a throne and declares himself king with a little help from Gorilla Grodd. It’s a traditional ape-throwdown in issue #4 as several villains die (or in some cases kicked off a cliff and assumed dead).  Alliances are formed and betrayed, treats are carried out, promises are broken and a very unlikely character has figured out Martian Manhunter’s secret.  Not to mention a surprise move from none other than Vandal Savage.
If you remember back about nine months, when DC released the Countdown preview poster, in the center is Lex Luthor on his knees with his hands covered in blood with sort of a “what have I done” expression on his face. There is a close up of this shot for the final issue of this series. Spoiler? perhaps. Also, in the upper left hand corner, you see Joker and Catwoman apparently scheming and Martian Manhunter holding a big bloody dagger…. symbolizing backstabbing maybe. That whole image becomes more and more clear as we get to the Final Crisis. Even without those mysteries on the back burner, Salvation Run is one of most fun, best paced and “in-your-face” series that DC has out presently.

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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