Countdown Lowdown #11

Eye of the Beholder

Here’s the Lowdown…

  • Darkseid and Bob continue the Chess analogy…
  • Karate Kid and Una continue to lurk about Apokolips, trying to figure out what Brother Eye is up to
  • At the end of the issue, Val finds out Brother Eye wants to assimilate the virus he is carrying
  • The same is true for the Challengers, they press Ray Palmer to figure out their purpose on Darkseid’s planet
  • Jason, the New Red Robin, takes off to clear his head by cracking a few jawbones of the local population… when he finds the O.M.A.C’s there
  • The Pied Piper decides it’s time to hang up his flute and just die… when a mysterious figure tells him that he will decide when it’s time for Piper to give up the ghost… this could just be more of Piper’s messed up psyche in overdrive
  • Holly, Mary and Harvey take on the furies and whoop them… resulting in the death of Mad Harriet in a friendly fire mishap
  • Jimmy Olsen and Forager stop to get help on their way to Apoklips… the Hairies
  • For those of you that did not make your geek check… the Hairies are like super-evolved “hippies” from Cadmus labs circa the 70’s who enemies were super-evolved bikers… DC is really making us dig 🙂
  • Origin of Solomon Grundy

With the recent devastation behind them, the new Challengers return to our universe to face their next challenge. Also this month: a returning hero, a surprising future for Pied Piper, and Karate Kid fulfills his destiny.  So, this a tad better than last week, but not by much.  Once again… mostly filler as we move toward the Great Disaster.  And a few huge plot holes and dead ends… if Eye wants to assimilate Karate Kid, why didn’t he do it on earth when he had the Kid trapped, our three heroines took out the Furies way too easily,return of the hairies?!?  and for crying out loud, do something with the emo shell that is the Pied Piper.

Grade: C-

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Updated: February 16, 2008 — 6:23 pm

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