Marvel News

  • Old name – New team – The Guardians of the Galaxy return with a series spinning out of the Annhiliation: Conquest storyline. Written by Dan Abnett / Andy Lanning (Conquest, Nova), art by Paul Pelletier.
  • Secret Invasion #1 ships in April, see how Marvel’s newest cross-over event starts
  • New Avengers #40 will do a flashback issue and see how the Secret Invasion started and by whom (art – Jimmy Cheung)
  • New series starting in February: Logan, Cable, War  is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle, Avengers: Fairy Tales, Wolverine: First Class, Dark Tower: The Long Road Home, Power Pack: Day One
  • The return of Nick Fury (and where he’s been) in Mighty Avengers #12
  • Jigsaw returns in Punisher War Journal #18 (Marvel is hyping up the book in preparation for the new movie)
  • Young Avengers worked out so well that Marvel will be introducing Young X-men in April
  • The “March on Ultimatum” story arc will conclude in Ultimates 3 #5
  • Charles Xavier with a beard?
  • New one-shot to help new fans catch up Thor: Ages of Thunder by Matt Fiction
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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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