Dark Sector #0

Dark Sector #0 (Top Cow – Wohl / Sienkievicz) Created by Digital Extremes, Dark Sector is a new and original action-thriller video game. Enter the world of Hayden Tenno, a black ops agent sent on a mission into Lasria, an Eastern European city that hides a deadly secret. Attacked by an unknown enemy, he awakens infected but granted with inhuman abilities. Now, Hayden must learn to evolve, survive and become a hero.   Written by acclaimed creator David Wohl (Witchblade, Aphrodite IX) and illustrated by living legend Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin, Moon Knight), this special prequel provides an unseen look into the hit game. With very view exceptions (KOTOR being one of them) is a comic based on a video game a good idea.  Just because when someone takes a high adrenaline game (like Dark Sector), they either try to emulate the game action which doesn’t always translate to comics well or they try to create a plot that doesn’t fit what the fans of the game expect.  But it would seem by harnessing the artistic talent of David Wohl and the writing expertise of Bill Sienkiewicz, Top Cow might have beaten the odds and produced a fantastic game turned comic book here.  The tempo and feel of this book is set up so that someone who doesn’t know anything about the game would want to jump right into the series.  Looks very promising!  Preview issue #0 was wrapped with Wizard magazine this month or you can download the PDF Here.

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Updated: July 10, 2010 — 1:41 pm

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