Countdown Lowdown #16

What Price Paradise?

Here’s the lowdown…

  • Monarch and his multi-versal army has attacked the peaceful world of Earth-51.
  • The retired JLA of Earth-51 has been almost defeated.
  • Kyle Rayner has saved Ray Palmer, who is still believed to be the linchpin to saving the multi-verse from the Great Disaster.
  • The Monitors bring Bob in and it is found out that the Monitors are too much individualized to re-combine… if it would have ever been possible in the first place.
  • They leave Bob to go back and help in the battle against Monarch, Superman-Prime shows up and threatens Bob to help him.
  • Jason Todd is targeted by some of Monarch’s henchmen and is saved by the Batman of Earth-51.
  • Batman saves him only to interrogate him, because he does not believe Jason Todd could live.
  • Queen Belthera returns to throw her armies into the mix to see what see can conquer.
  • The Forager, while coming out of her shower (bugs shower?) that Jimmy Olsen’s power in being a soul catcher.
  • The origin of Sinestro

Last week with issue #17, I was having my own crisis because I thought, “Wow, they saved all the great issues of Countdown for the end” and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.  Well after this week, it is possible that the joy and excitement that was Countdown #17 was simply a fluke.  There are just things here that are so way off… Monarch’s army is not made up of the individuals we saw in Arena (so was Arena just a trivial side note that they ignored or did the writers have a brain cramp?)… Batman doesn’t do guns, but the Batman from Earth-51 (the Mr. Roger’s world) does?… Are the Monitors really that messed up as characters?  I truly hope that Final Crisis as a series has more thought put into it than Countdown has.

Issue Grade: C-

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Updated: January 13, 2008 — 5:09 pm

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