Countdown Lowdown #15

Splitting the Atom

Here’s the Lowdown…

  • Hippolyta sense and states (much to the reader’s relief) that all of Black Adam’s magic and evil is out of Mary Marvel.
  • Mary is then asked to join the real Amazon army against the fake “cheerleader camp” ones.
  • Kyle Rayner fights some of the heroes of Earth-51 for the life of Ray Palmer
  • Kyle and Ray escape and explain the history of Earth-51 and how Ray got there.
  • Monarch’s armies almost have complete victory over Earth-51.
  • Superman-Prime threatens Bob the Monitor and is almost ready to kill him when Forerunner shows up (bad timing for her).
  • The Earth-51 Batman lays down the timeline for Jason, that he killed Joker and led an underground  war against crime and is the real reason that Earth-51 is so shiny and happy.
  • Bruce-51 and Jason have a war of words and a difference of opinion as to what to do about Monarch’s armies and the battle against the Monitors
  • It’s Donna Troy against Belthera’s Wonder Woman… Donna shows her what’s what…
  • “Who the hell are you?” WHACK!!!!! “I’m Donna Troy, bitch!… Donna… Troy”
  • Brother Eye is still terrorizing Bludhaven and is absorbing all the technology, possibly even boom tube technology.
  • Origin of Doomsday (hmmmm… foreshadowing Doomsday-Prime vs. Superman-Prime) 🙂

Every week Countdown is the first book I read, and more times than not I have given myself a boot to the head for anticipating yumminess… and then end up reading crap and being disappointed, only to hope the next week.  Well, this week rocked in comparison of the norm.  We had some kicking fight scenes (the scene with Donna Troy is wonderful), we got some great story progression, fantastic dialogue (between Bruce and Jason).  Congratulations DC… you made Countdown worth reading this week!  Please keep it up Dan!

p.s. and No Jimmy Olsen!!!!!!

Issue Grade: B+ (this well over the normal Countdown grading curve)

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Updated: January 16, 2008 — 9:40 pm

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