Avengers: The Initiative #8

Avengers: The Initiative #8 (Marvel – Slott / Caselli) Training is almost over for our cadets. Some will graduate. Some will washout. And, yes, some WILL die! It all starts here, in the Initiative’s biggest story to date! And with the clock ticking on the first class of recruits, get ready to meet the next batch! Including new Marvels, old Marvels, at least one SKRULL, and…THE IRREDEEMABLE GIANT-MAN? Also, with the Gauntlet out of commission, just wait until you meet Camp Hammond’s new Drill Instructor… he’s a real Taskmaster! This book had a great old-school feel to it… like I was 8 again reading a classic Avengers or X-men story.  It has well-written short and long term story arcs that flow together seamlessly.  On top of being the book that is at the heart  of the Marvel U, the Initiative is also turning into Marvel’s cameo book… Dragon-Man, Stingray, the New Ant-Man, Taskmaster… just from the point of view of a long-term comic fanboy, this book is a blast!  Dan Slott once again shows why he will be a leading writer for years to come.   Secret Invasion alert!  In This issue we catch a flashback to the introduction of the Fifty State Initiative idea from Hank Pym to Reed Richards and Tony Stark, in the scene Hank is the only one still with his hero mask on, both Reed and Tony have their faces showing.  Given what seeds have planted before in this book and a look back at his behavior, the odds of Yellow Jacket being a Skrull keeps getting better and better.

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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