Knights of the Old Republic #23

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #23–Knights of Suffering part 2 (Dark Horse – Miller/ Weaver / Parsons)

Dark Horse has this to say about KOTOR #23 “Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick left Taris vowing to catch his murderous Masters before they caught him. Now, he’s returned–only to find the planet under siege by Mandalorian invaders. And there’s someone else waiting for him–who’s about to turn the tables on all his plans!
Nearly alone in a war zone, Zayne is surrounded by enemies. Some want him brought to justice. Others want the bounty on his head. And the Mandalorians just want the whole planet! And when even friends become enemies, he finds himself at the mercy of someone who has no mercy–one of his former Masters!
Building toward the culmination of the yearlong “Days/Knights” sequence, the long-awaited return to Taris also includes several familiar faces from the
Knights of the Old Republic video games!”

Part 2 of the Knights of Suffering is well on it way as we see lots of characters from the KOTOR video game come into play. I do want to point out that if haven’t played the game, you’ll still enjoy the comic as much as the next guy.

What I like about JJM’s writing is that he never takes the easy way out. There have been a few times in this book where there were easy out and plot devices that could be used to close out a story. Never are they taken and that is a benefit to this title.

Grade: B+

Series Grade: A

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Updated: December 4, 2007 — 11:46 pm

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