Countdown Lowdown #20

Loneliest Number!

Here’s the Lowdown…

  •  Karate Kid and Una explore their relationship while trying to get the secret box open at the base of the ruins of Bludhaven (bad timing!)
  • Brother Eye has successfully by-passed all know security measure from the government and the meta community and is on it’s way to Bludhaven
  • Bob the Monitor has realized the Monitors are getting more individualized and he has insight as to where Ray Palmer is
  • Jimmy Olsen’s “New Gods” powers kick in and he doesn’t die from the lava reactor that Mister Miracle threw him into
  • Jimmy finds and frees Forager, who promptly turnns and tries to kill him
  • There is a recap of Arena #1
  • Piper gets sentimental about the dead body of the Trickster that he is carrying around
  • Mary Marvel is left floating in space, emotionally burdened from a battle with Eclipso (yawn!)
  • Origin of Mister Mind

Countdown is slowly getting focused, but I suppose it should be given now we are more than halfway done.  This week’s grade goes up simply on the fact of the frame where we see Forager say “Jimmy Olsen Must Die!”.  Note to DC, you can make lots of sales by making posters of that single catch phrase!

Grade: B-

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Updated: December 15, 2007 — 7:17 pm

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