Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show

The Great and Secret Show (IDW – Ryall / Rodriguez / Fotos)It begins here! A 12-part adaptation of master of horror Clive Barker’s epic journey into the fantastic, The Great and Secret Show. Adapted by Chris Ryall (Shaun of the Dead) and artist Gabriel Rodriguez (George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead), this series presents the beginning of a battle between good and evil that will span many decades and different dimensions. I am always a tad bit cynical about adaptation, some very well-meaning comic writers and artists have sometimes really hacked a good novel or even movie when taking it across the graphic barrier. The Great and Secret Show is the first book of The Book of The Art, what might be one of the most terrifying and well-written horror trilogies every put to ink. In the introduction by Mr. Barker himself states that he had his own reservations about adaptations (having some earlier works “violated”), but that he is fully behind and applauds the IDW’s rendition of his novel and specifically the work Chris Ryall and Gabriel Rodriguez in their apt ability to put “put life to his words”, put together a really great book and keep his original story whole. As I read it, I found it hard to put down, the dark tale of Randolph Jaffe and his quest for the secrets of the Art and what he finds behind the veil of this world, really draws you in and has you hoping it will get better and better for our cast of characters as the settings get darker and darker. Mr. Rodriguez’s art work is superb as his pages are able to show a vast range of emotional atmospheres while still moving the story along at a perfect rate. IDW as a publisher has yet again proved itself as an independent force to be reckoned with. The Great and Secret Show was originally released as a 12 part series or it is available in trade (in either 2 parts or 1 big volume). If you know a fan of good intellectual horror, this is the perfect gift for them (or you!). Pullbox Warning: Not for the kiddies!

Grade: A

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Updated: December 20, 2007 — 10:00 am

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