Midknight #1

Midknight #1 (Red 5 – Hodges / Ens / Bukshot)

Here’s what I got from the Red 5 Comics Website. “With prospering careers and a three-year-old daughter, David and Tarilyn Deville seem to be living the American dream. But instead of a life of comfort, tragic events in their past led the couple to a life of service — in the ER and District Attorney’s office by day, and on the streets of Philadelphia by night as crime-fighters Midknight and Knightingale. Or, at least, after bedtime.

MIDKNIGHT’s creator, Tom Hodges, burst on to the scene in 2004 as the artist for Star Wars: Evasive Action: Reversal of Fortune, an online daily webstrip produced by Lucasfilm for StarWars.com. The series served as an official prequel to Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and became an instant hit with legions of Star Wars fans, and spawned three sequels illustrated by Hodges.

Hodges popularity grew, leading him to produce art for high-profile Star Wars projects like Topps trading cards, Star Wars Celebration prints, Acme Archives glicees and DK’s recent “You Can Draw Star Wars” specialty book. Last year, WizardUniverse.com named Tom Hodges a “2006 Artist to Watch”.”

I liked this book, I didn’t love it, but I did like it. Hodges creates what seems to be a realistic world for his characters to exist in. his main characters are established to be a typical married couple, who just also happen to be costumed heroes. We first see them enjoying a rare night away from the kids at a hockey game when they need to jump into action. We get a glimpse of their home life in which they have a daughter who’s bound to be put in mortal danger at some point, deal with the fatigue that comes from late night adventuring, and they seem to be religious.

The art is something akin to Michael Oeming’s art in the long running Powers book. I like that style of art and it seems to work well with this story. I look forward to seeing more.

Overall I thought this was a solid book with potential. I do feel it’s off to a bit of a slow start but has tons of room to grow. I also want to mention that this is a book that, as of one issue, would be good for middle school kids and some other young readers. Other than a bit of blood from a person taking a hockey puck to the nose..it’s family friendly.

Grade: C+

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