World War Hulk #5 (Spoiler Alert)

World War Hulk #5 (Marvel – Pak / Romita JR. / Janson / Strain)

Marvel’s blurb: “The millennium’s most massive Marvel smash-fest careens towards its cataclysmic conclusion! Four so-called Marvel “heroes” shot the Hulk into space. Their exploding shuttle destroyed his people and pregnant queen. And the Hulk has taught them what their arrogance has wrought. But now the Hulk faces the puny humans’ greatest champion. And as the terrible battle rages, who will stand revealed as the hero – and who will be proved the monster? Who knows the difference between vengeance and justice? And who will pay the terrible price of anger?”
Who pays the price? We do dear friends, we do. Lets forget to a moment that this book is months late and that we know Black Bolt is a Skrull, because this book allows you to time travel back a few weeks to before we knew that.

Let’s first get into what’s right with the book: First is that the Hulk is not a murderer. I kinda knew that already after the 40 years of back story, but it was confirmed again. The Hulk’s plan seems to suddenly change from wanting to kill the Illuminati, to watching them get severely beaten and blaming the destroying of Manhattan Island on them. We see that Bruce Banner/the Hulk still has a heart and it can be broken Second, the Hulk is the strongest one there is! Hulk is an unstoppable force, the finger of God. The only reason he gets put down by a red laser from a satellite(wtf, Marvel?) is because he chose to be put down. Also, the Hulk can be put down when he wants, but you can’t take him out…..ever.

Now for what’s bad. First, I think Marvel just screwed up the Sentry. He was a guy afraid to step out of his house, let alone use his powers for the biggest throwdown in Marvel 2007. It just seems like they had the character do a 180 to take down the Hulk because they didn’t have anyone else that could. Second, Marvel decided to put their girly pants on and not stick with the idea Illuminati are actually bad guys. NOOOOOOO we find that the real villain, the one who blew up Planet Hulk, is actually one of Hulk’s Warbound. Marvel, you big pussy! Third, it looks like you killed Rick Jones! You suck.

The art is good, but it felt like the book was one big picture of red and orange balls of destruction. For what it was, it was very good. J.R Jr. has, to me, always been a great artist, but colorist Christina Strain made this look great!

So what’s next? I don’t have any plans to read any of Aftersmash, and I wasn’t going to pick up the Loeb / McGuinness Hulk:Red or whatever their calling it. But….the regular Hulk book, The Incredible Hulk, is going to keep it’s focus on the New Defenders. So the only Hulk fix I can get is by picking up another Hulk book. So dear readers, this may be the end of Hulk coverage on ThePullBox. Time and budgets will tell

Issue Grade: C+

Series Grade: B

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Updated: November 15, 2007 — 11:12 pm


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  1. and let’s not forget… Skaar, son of Hulk in 2008… Greg is totally right, Marvel earned a “wimp” sticker with this conclusion

  2. Totally right! If Skaar is half as cool as he looks, I look forward to it.

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