Ultimate Fantastic Four #47

Ultimate Fantastic Four #47 (Marvel – Carey / Ferry / Ponsor / Brooks / Mendoza) –  It really is hard for me to remember when this was my favorite book of the month.  These plot lines just seem to goon and on… without focus.  First we had the introduction and delve into *yawn* Ultimate Thanos, and the return of the Ultimate Silver Surfer and an Ultimate take on Psycho-man.  I liked him there about as much as I like him in this month’s Black Panther… meaning not at all.  The beauty of the Ultimate books at the beginning is that they were fresh takes on a recognizable theme… UFF is just a loaf of bread that has been left out too long.  For the last year, it has been 2 issue stories drawn out to 4-6 issue arcs.  The art is the best thing about the book.  But Pasqual Ferry’s work should be put to better use than keeping a sinking ship from going under.  Marvel’s Summary – “Susan Storm—the Invisible Woman—is headed toward a conference in Siberia when her helicopter is shot down for reasons unknown. With her survival in doubt, Reed Richards must abandon his completion of the Cosmic Cube at its most crucial time to confront none other than—the Ultimate Crimson Dynamo.”  Just to Note, we see Crimson Dynamo on the phone for a few pages in this issue and only catch a glimpse of the armor and this is yet another Marvel book where the cover is not in the book anywhere.

Grade: C-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:09 pm

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