Marvel Comics Presents #3

Marvel Comics Presents #3 (Marvel – Various)– From “The premiere comics anthology gets invaded—by Magneto! Witness a tale of the beginnings of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch guest–starring. Meanwhile, Hellcat continues battling for her very survival, Weapon Omega faces down demons both internal and external, and a routine murder investigation has lead to something—or someone—called…the Vanguard!” The third issue of Marvel’s anthology series is out, and it’s more of the same… although slightly better. The Vanguard storyline still stands out as the only plot that could hold it’s own book (part 3 of 12).  As an Alpha Flight fan, I am happy to see the Weapon Omega story finally going somewhere (part 3 of 12).  The third ongoing storyline Hellcat is goofy, but at the very least it’s entertaining watching Patsy literally wrestle with all of her inner-egos.  And regardless of Marvel says in their summary, the one-shot Magneto is a throw-away, nothing new revealed at all (this has been status quo for the one-shot stories so far… Thing and Task-Master).  This series has the potential to help Marvel fill in story gaps and spotlight characters who can’t carry their own series or mini…  I hope the powers that be behind this series don’t get into a habit of random stories just to see if the fans out their will buy it.

Grade: B+ 

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Updated: November 23, 2007 — 1:43 pm

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