Countdown Lowdown #24

Prime Example!

Here’s the Lowdown

  • Looks like Superman Prime (used to be Superboy Prime) is looking to be the only Superman around… the issue opens with him killing the Superman of Earth 15
  • He then proceeds to kill Earth 15’s Lois, Lex, Martian Manhunter, destroy the Fortress of Solitude, the JLA Watchtower and disperse the rest of the JLA B-listers into space
  • He then battles Earth 15 Wonder Woman and Batman, taking them out with ease
  • All the time, Superman-Prime is monologuing (not unlike Syndrome) about all these imperfect Earths… and how his is perfect and once he finds it everything will be good
  • Desaad in Firestorm’s body fights Karate Kid, almost killing him… when…
  • The Atomic Knights (believe it or not) up their game and unleash some techno-sphere badness that separates Desaad from Firestorm
  • Desaad then makes his escape through a boom tube
  • Darkseid unveils to Mary Marvel that he wants her to be his court sorceress
  • Mary rejects the idea and lays out an electrical bolt attack that actually pains Darkseid
  • Mary and Darkseid are about to throw-down, when Desaad appears, gets in the way and Mary escapes
  • Eclipso vows to bring her back
  • Donna and Kyle have a heart to heart, both believing that they cannot trust Jason or Bob (total throw-away page)
  • Origin of Desaad

Because I expect so little out of this book, when there is some charm or story movement I am very impressed. The direction of Countdown this week was a solid positive improvement… I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact Jimmy Olsen is nowhere to be found.

Grade: C+

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Updated: November 14, 2007 — 7:56 pm

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