Countdown Lowdown #29

Another Country Heard From…

Here’s the Lowdown

  • The Challengers end up on Earth 8 – owned and ran by Lord Havok and the Extremists (anyone want to scream yet?)
  • History Lesson: Lord Havok and the Extremists were villains that popped their heads us in the 90’s as a Justice League Europe nemesis, mocking the major marvel villains – to those younger fanboys, yup you heard me right… Justice League Europe (in case you were wondering, the 90’s produced a lot weirder stuff than that)
  • the “Enforcer” Monitor is on the trail of the Challengers, with guns ready and set to kill
  • When the Enforcer shows up, he accidentally lets loose the Challengers, who Lord Havok had captured and who the Enforcer had come to kill (anyone screaming yet?)
  • One of Lord Havok’s baddies (surprized he didn’t have his name on his chest ala Adam West’s Batman) smelled the security breach… I repeat… he smelled the security breach
  • During their escape the Enforcer shoots and kills the Jokester… so much for his possible character development
  • Jimmy Olsen find none other than the Newsboy Legion in the sewers after his escape from Cadmus labs (can I scream now?)
  • Holly Robinson fights her was past giant coyfish looking sharks to get to Paradise Island
  • Trickster, Piper and Double Down are having a good ole rogue heart to heart in the middle of a Diner (nothing interesting here folks, please just move along – do I get to scream yet?)
  • Some unknown characters have tracked the trio to the diner (my guess is anyone could find three costumed villains at a diner… but I could be wrong)
  • Mary Marvel and Eclipso terrorize some Turkish farmers (nope… not making it up)
  • The cover of this week’s countdown has Karate Kid and some of Coutndown’s major characters kicking BrotherEye’s tail from the inside… Lies!
  • Karate Kid is on exactly 1 page of Countdown… not including the cover… and all that one page does is set up Brother Eye to go into some sort of “Hal” mode from 2001
  • Monarch shows up at the end to offer the Extremists a place in his army (didn’t this scene play out in at least 2 other books… wait, am I reading Marvel’s Civil War?)
  • Origin of the Penguin

*Screaming* Jesse Schedeen said it best over at… the best thing about Countdown is that we aren’t expecting much anymore. Heck, I’m not even putting a cover this week.

Dan Didio, you are a good man… help us out!

Grade: D

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Updated: October 14, 2007 — 3:57 pm

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