Black Panther #31

Black Panther #31 (Marvel – Hudlin / Portela) – from Marvel “Yikes! With Zombies chomping at their heels, the new Fantastic Four take another wrong turn on the dimensional superhighway. And this time, they’ve landed in the middle of the Sub-Atomica Universe! Can a skirmish with Psycho-Man be far behind? It’s clobberin’ time”.  I started picking up Black Panther during Civil War when Panther and Storm added to the “unofficial FF” list.  Their distinct personalities definitely added to the monthly Fantastic Four book… but not so much to the Black Panther book.  Back in issue 27 , it started off fresh but now have the new FF jump from bizarre parallel world to the next is getting old.  This issue, where we find out new foursome in the clutches of Psycho-man reads like an old reprint.  Psycho-man uses fear and anxiety to claw at the very core emotions of our main characters… seen that about 2 dozen times in the traditional FF book.  While I think Reginal Hudlin certainly has shown his potential as an author and Francis Portela has proven to be a better than average artist… they both need to move on from this filler book.

Grade: C-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:09 pm

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