Annihilation: Conquest Quasar #3

Annihilation: Conquest Quasar #3 (Marvel – Gage /Lilly) – Issue #3 continues the quest of Moondragon and Quasar to find the “Saviour”. The “Saviour” is some unknown character (my guess is Mar-Vell) that Quasar’s cosmic awareness says can stop the Phalanx invasion. All this, and Moondragon is no longer a hot bald chick. No, now she’s a giant space dragon who can only speak through telepathy. Read the book if you want to know more. I digress: Moondragon and Quasar make it to a planet just as the nega-bands are running out of juice only to find that the Super Adaptoid, the main villain in this book, got there first and has the Savior all cocooned in the Phalanx “stuff”.

Overall, this book is keeping the status quo set up in all the Marvel crossovers (yeah, I’m looking at you Civil War and WWH). The comics that house the main story are good, but the tie-in’s are mediocre, or okay at best. With the exception of Star Lord, which has an A-list writer, most of the Annilishation books have been just about “meh”.

Grade: B-


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Updated: October 4, 2007 — 9:44 pm

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