An Open Thank-You Letter to Sean McKeever

Dear Sean McKeever,

I wanted to write you a thank-you letter and let you know that it is because of you that Teen Titans is still placed in my pull box each month. You see, I felt that the Titans characters were becoming stale and flat to me. Keep in mind that I am an avid Geoff Johns fan, but ever since the DC lost that stupid lawsuit…er, I mean the death of Superboy, I felt like the book was struggling. I know that few people shared my feelings on this topic. Yet while I felt that Teen Titans and lost a step since Infinite Crisis, I still hung-on in the hopes that it would get better. My plan was to drop the book after issue #50. I figured a Teen Titans run of #1 through #50 was pretty respectable and if I ever needed to sell my collection, 50 issues could be broken up nicely. Yet, something happened that I was not ready for, issue #50 hooked me again! How could I drop a book when my favorite Teen Titans villains had returned? I have too many questions that need answering. I cannot drop this book. I will not drop this book! Thank you Sean Mckeever for pulling me back from the edge of a big mistake. I look forward to your run on Teen Titans and will certainly keep a sharp eye open for your other works.

Your Fan,


p.s. Geoff Johns…I still love you

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Updated: October 18, 2007 — 7:11 pm

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