Pullbox Preview – The Misadventures of Clark and Jefferson #1

The Misadventures of Clark and Jefferson #1 (Ape – Carvajal / Borstel) – This Summer at Wizard World Chicago when I heard the basic premise of the book “Cowboys and aliens”, I thought this is going to go one of two ways… really good or really south ;).  I am happy to share that Clark and Jefferson does not travel the stereotype path while staying in familiar places for the western genre fan… from character sketches (the near-sighted deputy who can’t shoot straight) to the dialogue / character interactions (not all the supporting characters love our sheriff protagonist) to the plot devices (hiding in the bottom of a outhouse pit to not be seen by the alien beasts).  While the art doesn’t scream incredible, there’s nothing distraction about it either.  The plot is action packed, character driven and speckled with a enough dry humor to keep the reader involved.  Clark and Jefferson is something to keep your eye on

Grade: A-

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Updated: September 23, 2007 — 12:53 pm

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