Countdown Lowdown #36 and 35

Magical Mystery Tour & Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Here’s the Lowdown

  • The Challengers of the Unknown open up issue #36 with battle bugmen inside the Palmerverse
  • The bugmen are the henchmen of Queen Belthera, queen of that particular magical dimension
  • Belthera captures the Challengers and polymorphs the Atom into a bug
  • The Challengers almost escape but Bob the Monitor turns on them and sides with the Queen
  • Poisin Ivy is ready to “86” the Piper and Trickster and she can’t figure out why her pheromones don’t work on Piper
  • Piper bluffs their out of it by claiming there were by Ivy partner
  • It turns out Ivy’s partner is Deathstroke and he is about to hack them to pieces
  • Mary Marvel has been taken in by Zatanna to help train Mary in her new found enhanced magical powers
  • Because of Mary’s lack of patience, inexperience and a little help from Eclipso, Mary more or less throws a fit and her and Zatanna have a throw down
  • Mary is defeated and thrown out Shadowcrest, Mary then doesn’t know what came over her and is a tad remorseful
  • Jimmy Olsen is brought to the JLA to see if he can join
  • When the JLA test him, because it is not life threatening, Jimmy’s powers don’t kick in and he gets his butt handed to him
  • Karate Kid and Triplicate Girl go in search of Mister Orr and find him, after a fight with Orr’s bodyguard Equis (fresh from Superman)
  • Holly Robinson is put a combat trial to join Athena’s elites (Athena is not who she apprears to be watch for Amazons Attack #6)
  • the Monitors conitnue to dialogue about what to do with the multiverse “death cheaters”
  • Origin of Deathstroke and Parallax

Series Grade: B

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Updated: September 3, 2007 — 8:58 pm

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