The Last Sin of Mark Grimm

The Last Sin of Mark Grimm #1 (Silent Devil – McMannus / Moreno)

The best thing to say about Mark Grimm is that is left me wanting more, lots more. The book itself is a hard boiled detective story with a tough as nails main character. I mean it, Mark Grimm would make Bruce Willis cry like a little school girl. The book it completely narrated from Grimm’s perspective, which I loved. McMannus writing style fit perfectly with the visual style of the book. And if your looking carefully at the pictures, you can see that this is no ordinary noir story.

Which brings me to Chris Moreno’s art. Now I’m a big fan of the Sin City books with their stark contrast of black and white and I used to think that was the only way to visualize this kind of story. Thank you Chris for proving me wrong. In the Mark Grimm world there is black and white, but there’s lots of grey too. Grey tones that fit both written and visual text like a well worn hat. While reading, I could almost feel the rain coming down or hear the sounds of the dark alley. Seriously, this stuff is brilliant.

Take a look at the Last Sin of Mark Grimm website to get a preview of what I mean, then run to your local comic shop and demand some Mark Grimm.
Grade: A

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Updated: August 17, 2007 — 4:23 pm

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