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The All New Booster Gold #1 (DC – Johns / Katz / Jurgens / Rapmund) – I never thought I would say this, but Booster Gold Rocks! Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz takes what is maybe the most unlikeable hero in the DC universe and makes him someone to watch. Booster is now the greatest hero you never knew, he’s fixing timelines behind the scenes and keeping quiet about it… sort of like an updated version of Voyagers (hehehehe). I don’t think you can ever fault Dan Jurgens art… and tie that in with a storyline than enables Johns and Katz to go anywhere in the DC timeline, this book is a must for all 52 / Countdown fans.

Issue Grade: A
Omega Flight #5 (Marvel – Oeming / Kolins / Reber) – This ends the limited series updating the Alpha Flight mythology… and me being a 20 year Flight fan, I have some real mixed feelings. Michael Avon Oeming did a great job writing and giving a set-up for future Flight stories (in particular the Guardian storyline in the upcoming Marvel Comics Presents), gave us some good development for Sasquatch and Talisman… Beta Ray, US Agent and Arachne seemed like filler characters specifically inserted for fight scenes. Scott Kolins’ art was what Scott Kolins art is… sketchy, compacted, crowded and sometimes hard to follow. It’s not that Scott isn’t a talented artist, he is, his line work shows character emotion with the best of them… but he just puts too much in too little a space. The overall feel of the series is that is was a B-story used for some set up that is coming up (possibly a non-comedic Alpha Flight series in the future… I could only hope)

Issue Grade: B-

Series Grade: B

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Updated: August 25, 2007 — 3:12 pm

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