Countdown Lowdown #39

Do Not Pass Go…

Once again I would describe Countdown as watching an epic drama/action movie with incredible intensity…but watching it 2 minutes at a time, once a week. Often entertaining and frustrating at the same time.

So, that being said, here’s the Lowdown…

  • Karate Kid and 1/3 of Triplicate Girl decide they need information and are going to get it out of Oracle
  • Oracle keeps them at bay for a while, throwing all sorts of uber-gadgets and booby traps their way… but eventually they make into Oracle’s inner works
  • As they finally get in, Oracle is in the middle of battling off a hacker that is worming their way into Oracle’s files, which have the secret identities and home addresses of all known Super heroes
  • Piper and Trickster have been put up by the Penguin, or so it seems, at his first chance the Penguin has called in the professionals to get rid of these two… the New Suicide Squad
  • At least surprising to me, Piper and Trickster break their way through the squad, making a mess of the Iceberg Club
  • Piper uses his magic tune to get the Squad off of their track… only to be cornered by the New Question and straight from 52, Batwoman
  • Bob, Jason, Donna and the New Atom continue their search… to find themselves in a wacked out plane with no given linear perspective… and someones or things watching them
  • Mr. Action (aka Jimmy Olsen) stops a purse snatcher and gets his first Super hero thank you kiss
  • While Jimmy wrapped up in his own glory, the would-be thief gets away
  • Holly Robinson, distraught with why the Athenian women’s shelter won’t let in children, addresses it with Athena herself… and gets sidetracked by Athena’s charisma
  • The Monitor’s wrap-up describes the Source Wall and Bleed, and they discuss how far they will go to stop potential contamination from one universe to the next.

Great writing takes place from the team as Dini and McKeever as Trickster has been knocked unconscious and Piper has to carry him on the run… when Trickster awakens, he warms Piper better not have touched him in his “special” area. And no sign of the new and improved Mary Marvel this week.

Issue Grade: C+

This review brought to you by Kowabunga Comics.

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Updated: August 3, 2007 — 11:02 am

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