Countdown Lowdown #38 & #37

All Hell & Forbidden Fruit


Due to the Wizard World Chicago this last weekend, I was unable to get issue #38 up so here we are with the first a double week of Lowdown…

  •  We see the Monitors watching all metahuman activity
  • Mary Marvel and Zatanna stop Deep Six, who seems to be running from “The Killer”, whose outline looks a lot like Monarch
  • Oracle cleans Calculator’s clock in their international technobattle
  • The Question believes the Piper and Trickster that they didn’t kill Bart, and let’s them go, much to Batwoman’s  frustrations
  • Mr. Action tried to join the Teen Titans and is basically politely mocked by Robin
  • Eclipso is watching Mary Marvel closely
  • The Monitors are aware of another adversary to challenge them (Monarch)
  • Karate Kid gets Oracle to check him out and find out why is he is dying, Oracle states that the virus cannot be identified (alien or future-time)
  • When Oracle tell him this, Una (one of Triplicate Girl’s singles) goes all wide-eyed and says “then it is the Great Disaster… it is coming”
  • Zatanna takes Mary Marvel home with her where Mary can study and think
  • The Challengers of the Unknown continue to dig deeper into the Palmerverse trying find Ray Palmer (more of the same in that story arc)
  • Piper and Trickster, content with being let go, wander for a while and take refuge in an old greenhouse, where they are chowing down on fruit that they picked… unfortunately that is where Poison Ivy has taken up residence
  • Ivy wraps them up tight in prehensile vines
  • Holly Robinson is accepted into Athena’s group for training
  • Jimmy Olsen developed telepathy and knows that Clark is Superman
  • Origin of Poison Ivy is given

Overall the series is getting better, predictable in parts but entertaining… but I could do without the Jimmy Olsen storyline

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Updated: August 17, 2007 — 3:23 pm

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