Pullbox News 7/16

  • The All New Booster Gold comes out soon (looking forward to it), the first story arc has Booster traveling through time trying to stop a group of super-villains trying to “undo” some major heroes’ origins… hey didn’t I see that on the Challenge of the Super-Friends? I know I did, but it will still rock

  • Also this month, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters ongoing series, spinning out of Amazon Attacks

  • In preparation for the upcoming film, Marvel is making sure everyone will know the Iron Man movie villain the Mandarin… the first two preps are the special edition Mandarin heroclix (buying 10 booster packs) and the limited series Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin, witha very clear cut Rocketeer rip-off cover.

  • The sad Irredeemable Ant-man series takes a series finale at issue #12, while there is a great amount of talent connected to the book, I’m glad to see the soap opera come to an end.

  • Plenty of 52 / Countdown tie-ins coming out: 52- The Companion(reprinting famous issues from some of the D-listers made popular in 52), Countdown to Adventure, Countdown to Mystery, Countdown- the Search for Ray Palmer, 52 Aftermath – the Four Horsemen, Infinity Inc. and Black Adam: The Dark Ages – all coming out in the next 30 days

  • Countdownspoilers: Mary Marvel will indeed connect up with Eclipso (just as the spoiler pics represented), Kyle Rayner joins the ranks of the Challengers from Beyond and Jimmy Olsen tries to join Infinity Inc.

  • Top Cow Comics is trying something new… it called Pilot Season. Pilot Season is doing six one-shots on various individuals form the Top Cow universe who the readers haven’t see go solo in a while… the sales / popularity of the books will determine which characters get to go on with ongoing books of their own. The Contestants are: Ripclaw, Cyblade, Velocity, the Necromancer, Aphrodite IX and the Angelus

  • Captain America: The chosen is one of the final Captain America stories coming from Marvel. It is a out of continuity series written by David Morrell, creator and writer of Rambo.

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Updated: July 16, 2007 — 3:26 pm

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