COVID-19 Statement

Greetings readers,

I’ve noticed a bit of blow-back on social media towards entertainment news sites and bloggers about posting news about comics and not related to, and admittedly far less important than, solutions and news revolving around the COVID-19 Virus. So, here is my statement as it relates to how The Pullbox is responding.

I know, we are all getting statements from every business we have ever interacted with about what they are doing different during this present state of emergency. This isn’t that… this is my statement on why we are continuing here at The Pullbox to continue doing exactly what we have been doing for the last thirteen years… bringing you news, reviews and other original content.

“But wait Eric, do you think this is a hoax? That this isn’t serious?”

No, not at all. I believe this is real and very serious. And unprecedented in my lifetime here in the US. Most pandemic disaster plots start by politicians and industrialists not listening to scientists and I’m pretty sure that is what is presently happening. I’m also pretty sure that most people are doing everything they can to help their fellow human beings and to help flatten out the curve.

The Pullbox has always been an entertainment news site. We will continue to publish and push out news, reviews and original content for the following two reasons:

1.) Perhaps, a little entertainment news about comic books, TV, movies and/or games might be something to brighten up anyone’s day and bring them joy. And dog-gone-it, you can never have too much joy.

2.) We, along with a interweb full of other sites and bloggers, promote amazing creators (artists, authors, publishers, letterers, colorists, etc.) who still need their fan’s support – In all truth, with all the cons and appearances being cancelled, bills still need to get paid.


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