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IDW to Collect Al Williamson’s Classic Star Wars in Artist’s Edition

The legendary late artist Al Williamson’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back stories are collected in the award-winning Artist’s Edition format this April. Included will be the complete adaptation, first published in issues #39 through #44 of the monthly Marvel Star Warscomic. In addition, pages from Star Wars #50, #98 and the Star Wars: Return of […]

Pullbox Previews: Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor #10

DOCTOR WHO: THE TWELFTH DOCTOR #10 Writers: Robbie Morrison | Artist: Brian Williamson & Mariano Laclaustra  Colorist: Hi-Fi 32pp | FC | $3.99 Thrillingly explosive action on the ’60s Las Vegas strip as the Doctor and Clara battle the mob AND an alien invasion force! • The Doctor gambles with humanity – with the highest stakes and the longest odds! […]

Pullbox Previews: Doctor Who – The Twelfth Doctor #7

DOCTOR WHO: THE TWELFTH DOCTOR #7 Writer: Robbie Morrison | Artist: Brian Williamson | Colorist: Hi-Fi 32pp | FC | $3.99 ‘The Fractures’ Part 2On our Earth, UNIT scientist John Foster was killed in an accident… but in a parallel universe, his wife and daughter were killed, while that world’s John Foster survived. One thought kept that John going through […]

Secret Wars: Battleworld!

The battles in Secret Wars are so big, we had to launch an entirely new book just to contain them! This May, prepare for the big, bombastic action like you’ve never seen before in SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD #1 – a new 4-issue limited series of wall-to-wall action across the surface of Battleworld!  Bursting with epic […]

Pullbox Reviews: Captain Midnight #18 – Look to the skies… for Justice!

Captain Midnight #18 (Dark Horse – Williamson / Dagnino / Mena / Broussard) With teleporting assassin Helios on a tight leash, Captain Midnight and his allies soar south to infiltrate an impenetrable jungle compound and attempt to capture Midnight’s sidekick turned enemy, Chuck Ramsey, and force him to answer for his crimes. But what traps […]

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