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Aspen Comics November 2017 Solicitations

ASPEN November 2017 Solicitations ASPEN UNIVERSE: DECIMATION #2 Vince Hernandez – Story  / Marco Renna – Art / Federico Blee – Colors The time for Revelations has ended. The time for Decimation has begun… All roads point to Shrugged’s Theo Langstrom, as the one boy capable of controlling his own thoughts and emotions becomes the […]

Pullbox Reviews Aspen Universe: Revelations #3- Aspen Comics’ first Crossover Event!

Aspen Universe: Revelations #3 Aspen Comics Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov & J. T. Krul Pencils by Jordan Gunderson & Giuseppe Cafaro Digital Inks by Mark Roslan & Gabe Carrasco Colors by Peter Steigerwald & John Starr Lettering by Josh Reed Available September 28, 2016 The most groundbreaking event in Aspen Comics’ history continues!!! For […]

Pullbox Reviews: Overtaken #2- Alien Abduction… with a twist

Overtaken #2 Aspen Comics Written by Frank Mastromauro Art by Marco Loranzana Colors by Justice & Enrica Eren Angiolini Prepare yourself for the return of – OVERTAKEN! Picking up from the shocking events of issue #1… after months of dead ends and uncooperative authorities, Will Harden focuses his desperation to find his missing wife and turns […]

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