Pullbox Reviews: Battle Cats – Claw into an Epic Fantasy Adventure

Battle Cats coverBattle Cats #1
Mad Cave Studios
Written by Mark London
Pencils & Inks by Andy King
Colors by Alejandro Giraldo

The Battlecats are about to embark on their most perilous quest yet: the hunt for the legendary Dire Beast. They will face the evils that plague La Marque, Valderia’s most haunted region, all while unraveling the origins of a holy war. The quest has begun…

The Battle Cats, Valderia’s elite warrior band made up of a representative from every region of the Kingdom and operating under the direct command of King Eramad III, are on the hunt. Tasked with traveling to haunted La Marque, they’ve been ordered to investigate, find, and kill the mythical Dire Beast. Along the way, there will be challenges to face, mysteries to solve, and a conspiracy to unravel. The Cats will have to be more than warriors if they’re going to keep the Kingdom secure from an enemy with a surprising origin…

Battle Cats was another book I ran across while attending Wizard World Chicago, and from the first sight of Mad Cave Studios’ display booth I would have to say that I was impressed. Based out of Miami, Florida and boasting a roster of around 20 employees that covers everything from marketing and production to art and design, Mad Cave Studios is all energy. Their website says that everyone working thee is passionate about their respective arts, and would probably be doing it whether they were getting paid or not. Take one look at their website, and it shows. They even have some awesome looking motion comic trailers for their books, complete with sound effects and musical scores!

Now on to the Battle Cats themselves. Out of the gate, this was an impressive piece of work. The artwork alone would have gotten me to pick up the first issue, at least. Then, I had the chance to talk to some of Mad Cave’s representatives, and artist Andy King, who worked to talk me into picking up all three hard copy issues. The story is everything great about epic fantasy. The stalwart heroes, an epic quest for the sake of the Kingdom, and a traitorous enemy of the foulest kind. All in all, Battle Cats is a pretty solid entry into the market and should serve well as a flagship title.

This isn’t to say that it isn’t going to be all smooth sailing… While the artwork is very good, some of the panels are so densely populated with characters in action that giving the page a quick scan isn’t going to cut it. In some spots I was having to really go over a panel before I was able to pick dissect what was happening. This isn’t anything against the artist, or the colorist… maybe more of a combo of the two having to come to grips with how much they want to push into a scene. In the end, none of that was anything even close to taking me out of the book. It was a very entertaining read, and I’m looking forward to the next issue…

Oh, and thanks for the mints, guys!

Battle Cats 1

Battle Cats 2

Battle Cats Kaleera

Battle Cats Kelthan

Battle Cats Melkar

Battle Cats Vaela

Battle Cats Zorien

Battle Cats

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