C2E2: DC All Access

Hey Y’All!

Here is he bullet points of the DC All Access Panel from C2E2.

Who was there: Charles Souls, Greg Pak, Nicola Scott, Kyle Higgins, Dan Jurgens, Brian Azzerello, and Scott Snyder.

And here we go!

– Batman 75: The Wednesday of SDCC, comic shops across the world will have swag for this day.

-Batman Eternal: 50+ issues weekly because the story needed that much space and creators¬†didn’t want it to take years to tell. Creators wanted to make Gotham City more alive. Steph Brown is back, Catwoman will be the Wilson Fisk of Gotham.

РBatman Zero Year: Post Apocoliyptic Gotham City with Riddler Gotham.

– Superman Unchained: Huge Battles, Throwing Dinosaurs, Smashing people with giant pennies.

– American Vampires: It’s coming back and it’s going to be awesome.

– Wake: An unexpected success, and the dolphin is safe.

– Aquaman and the Others: Atlantean gold makes magic weapons.

– Futures End: Weekly comic about the DCU in 5-years, Brian Azzerello quote “This book is dark. Almost too dark. And from me that’s saying something.”

– Wonder Woman: A long burn story getting to the Battle of Olympus. People are going to die.

– Superman & Wonder Woman: Two 20-somethings with the powers of gods trying to make a relationship work. Will it ever work? No, because they they wouldn’t have much of a book.

– Swamp Thing: The Lady Weeds – A Swamp Thing from the 1800s, who gets caught in a deal with Vandal Savage to do bad things.

– Red Lanterns: Guy Guarder (current head of the Red Lanterns) run these ring slingers like a biker gang. Not everyone is happy about that. Supergirl is a new Red Lantern.

– Action Comics: May’s DOOMED one-shot and Action Comics #31 will be the biggest trial of the New 52 Superman yet. We’ll also get new Steel and new Krypto.

– Batman/Superman: First New 52 Atom coming soon. Team-ups with Batman/Lois Lane and Superman/Catwoman

– Earth 2: Poop is going to his the fan

– Secret Origin: Reveals a New 52 Dick Grayson origin.

– Batman Beyond Universe; Terry McGinnis had Dick Grayson in his year, not Bruce. They are going explain what happened to the Bat-family.

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