Countdown Lowdown #15

Splitting the Atom

Here’s the Lowdown…

  • Hippolyta sense and states (much to the reader’s relief) that all of Black Adam’s magic and evil is out of Mary Marvel.
  • Mary is then asked to join the real Amazon army against the fake “cheerleader camp” ones.
  • Kyle Rayner fights some of the heroes of Earth-51 for the life of Ray Palmer
  • Kyle and Ray escape and explain the history of Earth-51 and how Ray got there.
  • Monarch’s armies almost have complete victory over Earth-51.
  • Superman-Prime threatens Bob the Monitor and is almost ready to kill him when Forerunner shows up (bad timing for her).
  • The Earth-51 Batman lays down the timeline for Jason, that he killed Joker and led an underground¬† war against crime and is the real reason that Earth-51 is so shiny and happy.
  • Bruce-51 and Jason have a war of words and a difference of opinion as to what to do about Monarch’s armies and the battle against the Monitors
  • It’s Donna Troy against Belthera’s Wonder Woman… Donna shows her what’s what…
  • “Who the hell are you?” WHACK!!!!! “I’m Donna Troy, bitch!… Donna… Troy”
  • Brother Eye is still terrorizing Bludhaven and is absorbing all the technology, possibly even boom tube technology.
  • Origin of Doomsday (hmmmm… foreshadowing Doomsday-Prime vs. Superman-Prime) ūüôā

Every week Countdown is the first book I read, and more times than not I have given myself a boot to the head for anticipating yumminess… and then end up reading crap and being disappointed, only to hope the next week.¬† Well, this week rocked in comparison of the norm.¬† We had some kicking fight scenes (the scene with Donna Troy is wonderful), we got some great story progression, fantastic dialogue (between Bruce and Jason).¬† Congratulations DC… you made Countdown worth reading this week!¬† Please keep it up Dan!

p.s. and No Jimmy Olsen!!!!!!

Issue Grade: B+ (this well over the normal Countdown grading curve)

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Updated: January 16, 2008 — 9:40 pm

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